Meet Shari

For A United Idaho

Hello Coeur d’Alene voters!  My name is Shari Williams and I am running for District 4, Coeur d’Alene, state Senator in the 2020 election. I am counting on earning your vote on November 3rd to represent your values in Boise. 

I was born in Sacramento, in the Central Valley of California, where our home was surrounded by 55 acres of grapes, a half-acre garden, fruit trees of several varieties, and many walnut and almond trees. I was a country girl, a member of 4H for 6 years, raising market lambs, running through the vineyard on our stick-horses, and bicycling for hours on end. I am one of eight siblings in a blended family so there was always someone to play with. We were basically poor but rich with imagination!

I went to a small country school grades 1-through 8. I remember when President John Kennedy was assassinated and the excitement of the Space Race. I excelled in high school and graduated with many honors just as the Vietnam War was at its peak and protests were everywhere. Not encouraged to go to college, my first job was as a dental assistant. Fast forward 10 years, and having lived all over the state of California, I moved to Coeur d’Alene, met my future husband, and graduated from Eastern Washington University in 1983, with a Bachelor of Science degree. I taught for 23 years at EWU as a Clinical Professor in the Dental Hygiene Department and worked in private practices in Idaho and Washington, and community health. I also owned my own business, designing, patenting, and marketing a dental instrument accessory.

Local Legend – Rolly Williams

Shari’s husband of 37 years, Born in the Silver Valley.

At the age of 21, Rolly was hired as the North Idaho College Head Basketball Coach and Athletic Director. His career spanned over three decades and finished with an impressive record of 729-313. He was inducted into the National Junior College Hall of Fame and the Idaho Athletic Hall of Fame.

Started the NIC Booster Club with the primary mission of athletic scholarships for all sports. 

He worked very closely with Larry Broadbent to protect the black athletes from discrimination from the Aryan Nation. Worked closely with the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations. 

He won the 2007 Civil Rights Award from the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations  

After his retirement from coaching, he was elected North Idaho College Board of Trustees for 12 years serving as chairman two times in a row. 

Rolly is a staunch supporter of Shari’s senatorial campaign and continues to advocate for human rights in our community.

A Short History of Shari’s Life


I believe my life and career experience will contribute significantly to my legislative role. Listening, adapting to diverse personalities and situations, organizational skills, along with scientific perspective and research are all part of being a good public servant and I will be honored to serve as your Senator


Eastern Washington University, 1981-1983, Bachelor of Science

North Idaho College, 1979-1981, Associate of Science

Organizations and Volunteering

• American Dental Hygienists’ Association, 1981-2007, member, Student Delegate, Region 18 Delegate and Student Liaison

• Idaho Dental Hygienists’ Association, 1983-2007 Budget Committee Member, Vice-President (2 terms), President (2 terms), Long term Planning and budgeting.

• AmeriCorps, 2009-2013- AmeriCorps member and Healthcare Advocate at NIC Headstart in 5 northern counties, parent education, powerpoint presentations, dental health

• American Red Cross, 2008-2019- Disaster Team Lead, Mass Sheltering, Mass Feeding. Deployed locally and nationally

• Presented Continuing Education classes to clinicians and students on the West Coast.


Invented, patented and successfully marketed a dental tool accessory internationally, 1999-2008