Shari’s Key Issues

Uniting Idaho For Progress

Human rights, healthcare, education, and the right to not live in fear, are all basic principles which will guide my candidacy. It is time to take back our city and our values. As your voice in Boise, I will support anti-hate laws, work toward legislation to minimize extremists and end discrimination of all kinds.

Public Education- The Great Equalizer

Funding – I support the Idaho legislature fully and completely funding all Idaho public schools and support fully funding Pre-K education. 

High School+-  I support vocational and technical schools, apprenticeship programs, and reduced tuition for post-secondary education, including two- and four-year colleges. And advocate for a clear pathway for students to pursue these educational opportunities.

Teachers – I support leveling the playing field for our teachers and staff, including competitive compensation and their right to collective bargaining.

Health Care For Every Idahoan

Support expanding health care to working families –  Preventive care saves tax dollars. I believe that no one in Idaho should die from a preventable illness or go bankrupt due to medical expenses and prescription drug costs. And I support access to affordable healthcare to include the prevention of drug addiction and provide care and rehabilitation services for at risk youth and for those suffering from addiction. 

Access –  I support Medicaid expansion as passed by the Idaho voters without any added barriers to access. I believe in fair and comprehensive access to healthcare for every Idahoan and increased access to mental health care and other necessary social services. 

Medical Marijuana – Idaho is the last state in the West to have not decriminalized medical marijuana. Idahoan’s overwhelmingly support the legalization of marijuana for medical use. The tax revenues could support our public school funding and infrastructure revitalization.

Economy – Idaho Working Solutions

Lake CDA – a healthy Lake CDA is the basis of our strong local economy. A healthy lake keeps our downtown thriving, attracts new innovative business, and grows tourism dollars. 

Wages/Jobs – over the past few decades we have lost many high paying timber and mining jobs in our community that need to be replaced with equally lucrative career opportunities. I support recruiting professional, tech, and skilled trades into our diverse local economy. 

Property Taxes – working towards fair tax and sustainable tax laws for property owners. No local residents should be taxed out of their land. 

Affordable Housing – I support affordable housing, childcare, and will fight to end homelessness through localized legislation.

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